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Health & Wellness Services

Starseed Healing

About Starseed Healing

There are many positive vibrations surrounding the human body that are lost on a daily basis. The Starseed Healing reorganizes these energies by correcting the body's vibrational state. This distinctive Galactive Healing utilizes crystals, chimes, and a tuning fork to cleanse and harmonize the body's energetic system,balancing the vibration and the frequency within and without of the human. Starseed Healing clears mind clutter, adjusts and balances the chakras and auric layers of energy, and connects you Galactically with all living things. This is an awakening to the multi-dimensional self, infusing tones and sound into the body to heal and modify the harmonic frequencies. It brings one into a state of transcendent peace. 

Call Rev. Amber Melendy for more information or to set up an appointment - 321.236.2068